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Bible Lookup Guide: 1 Kings

Book of 1 Kings from Old Testament (Book # 11)

Chapter Sequence #14-Chapter 14, Title: Prophecy about Jeroboam and the death of his son Abijah

Time Range: BC 965 to BC 959

  1. The Death of Rehoboam, King of Judah, and end of his reign (1 Kings 14:21-30): After ruling Israel for 17 years, rehoboam died in BC 964.
  2. Prophecy against Jeroboam and the death of his son, Abijah (1 Kings 14:1-18): Jeroboam ruled Israel for 22 years. This event must have happened towards the end of his reign, sometime between BC 965 and BC 959. This is because at this time, the bible says that Prophet Ahijah became very old and could not see.
  3. The Death of Jeroboam and the end of his reign (1 Kings 14:19,20): After ruling Israel for 22 years, Jeroboam died in BC 959.