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Special Note:

  1. Some of the books in the bible are not in chronological sequence. Examples are Job, Song of Songs, etc.
  2. Chapters of some books contain events/visions recorded in separate scrolls & their date sequence varies. Examples: Daniel, Jeremiah, etc.
  3. This bible lookup guide arranges bible books and their chapters in chronological sequence for your bible study and mediation needs.  
ID Testament Book No. Book Name Chapter Sequence Chapter Title Era Start Year Range Era End To Year
1 Old Testament 11 1 Kings 12-Chapter 12 Kingdom of Israel breaks up BC 981 BC 978
2 Old Testament 11 1 Kings 13-Chapter 13 Prophecy about King Josiah of Judah and death of Man of God BC 980 BC 978
3 Old Testament 11 1 Kings 14-Chapter 14 Prophecy about Jeroboam and the death of his son Abijah BC 965 BC 959