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Meditation: Praying for the saints of God

Praying for the saints of God

Bible Reference: Proverbs 25:11


Praying for Saints of God

My dear brothers and sisters,

Praise God.

When I read the news today, I was upset to know that a man of God died in captivity. I had heard about his arrest sometime back in the news, but I did not take it seriously to pray for him. 

While I was in prayer today, the Lord showed me Proverbs 24:11-12 which says, " Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to die; save them as they stagger to their death. Don't excuse yourself by saying, 'Look, we didn't know.' For God understands all hearts, and he sees you. He who guards your soul knows you knew. He will repay all people as their actions deserve."

When the saints of God are persecuted, we often think it is beyond our power to help them. But this is not true, children of God have a responsibility to entrust these matters to God in prayer, and God is faithful to listen. The answer to your prayers comes from God, whose power is above all worldly powers and authorities, and God works in mysterious ways to rescue his servants.

Now you may ask, why can't God directly help them? Why does he need us to pray for them? The answer lies in the way that God chooses to operate. Look at the life of Apostle Paul, who once persecuted those who followed Christ. When Christ met Paul (who was until then called Saul) on the road to Damascus and talked to him, Saul was also faced with a blinding light which made him blind. When Saul repented for having worked against God, God could have directly healed him and given him his mission. But instead, God sent a man of God, Ananias to meet Saul and lay his hands on him. Acts 9:11-12 says, '11 The Lord said, “Go over to Straight Street, to the house of Judas. When you get there, ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul. He is praying to me right now. 12 I have shown him a vision of a man named Ananias coming in and laying hands on him so he can see again.' When this was done, Saul could see again and served God as a transformed man.

As we saw here, God is able to use believers like you and me to act like Ananias in the life of those who persecute God's saints. Even those who persecute can become objects of God's mercy the way Saul was transformed. That is why Jesus Christ asked us to pray for our enemies. Jesus said in Matthew 5:44 that, "44 But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!". That is why God told Jeremiah in Jer 32:27 that, "I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?" Yes, God can change the hearts of all the rulers and authorities in this world. And where it is necessary, He is mighty to rescue his servants in divine ways too.

Before closing this message, I would like to bring before you two other instances for your encouragement. In a recent prayer meeting, a brother reminded us regarding Acts 14:19-20. Here the crowds turned against apostle Paul and beat him till they were certain that he had died. But the believers gathered around him and prayed. Because of their prayer, the next verse says that Paul rose in this strength and went ahead with his missionary work. The second instance is regarding the time when King Herod Agrippa put Apostle Peter in prison and planned to kill him because it pleased the Jewish people. Bible says in Acts 12:5 that "But while Peter was in prison, the church prayed very earnestly for him." And God acted in answer to this prayer and sent an Angel of the Lord to bring Peter out from prison. The prison was heavily guarded, and Peter's cell was under the guard of 4 squads of 4 soldiers each. Can humans pass through iron cells and iron gates? Here we see that God in His divine power was able to do just that and God set Peter free; much to the astonishment of the church that was praying for him. 

So as per Proverbs 24:11-12, let us not forget our responsibility to pray for our brethren and saints of God. Our prayers are heard by God, who will act to support those being persecuted. And may God answer all your prayers much to your own astonishment, as this will make you witness more for God like never before.

May God bless you all. Amen.