Kings of Judah

Kings of Judah

Name of Person: Amaziah

Role: King of Judah  Term: #12 Ruler of Judah  Dynasty: House of David

Country/Empire/Region: Judah (Southern Kingdom)

From Year: BC 0833 to Year: BC 0805


King Amaziah was coregent with King Joash from the 38th (833 BC) to 40th year (831 BC) of King Joash.

Following the end of Amaziah's rule, there was a period without declared King in Judah between 804 BC to 794 BC. Judah's next King Uzziah, son of Amaziah, was just 4 years old at the time of the assassination of his father, Amaziah in 805 BC and he was too young to be crowned King. Judah might have been under the control of either the conspirators who killed Amaziah or under the guradians of King Uzziah running a caretaker form of government.   


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Guillaume Rouille, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons