Kings of Judah

Kings of Judah

Name of Person: Saul

Role: King of Israel  Term: #01 Ruler of Israel  Dynasty: House of Saul  Period: BC

Country/Empire/Region: Israel (Before Division)

From Year: BC 1086 to Year: BC 1045


King Saul of Israel (United Kingdom of Israel)

  1. Born: 1116 BC (395th year after departure from Slavery in Egypt)
  2. Crowned King: 1086 BC, as the First King of Israel
  3. Term of Reign: 42 Years
  4. End of Reign: 1045 BC
  5. Death: 1045 BC
  6. Successor: King David (David had worked for King Saul as an officer in Israel's army)

Bible Reference

1 Samuel 13:1

Saul was thirty years old when he became king, and he reigned over Israel forty- two years.

Image Reference

Rembrandt or workshop, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons