Kings of Judah

Kings of Judah

Name of Person: Ahaz

Role: King of Judah  Term: #15 Ruler of Judah  Dynasty: House of David

Country/Empire/Region: Judah (Southern Kingdom)

From Year: BC 0736 to Year: BC 0721


During start of King Ahaz reign, King Ahaz was coregent with King Jotham starting from the 8th year (736 BC) of King Jotham to 16th year of King Jotham (728 BC). Even after stepping down from his role as King in 728 BC, Jotham lived till 724 BC.

King Ahaz also shared coregency with his son King Hezekiah towards the last part of his reign, starting from 15th year of King Ahaz in 722 BC to the 16th year of King Ahaz in 721 BC. 


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Published by Guillaume Rouille (1518-1589), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons