Kings of Israel

Kings of Israel

Name of Person: Solomon

Role: King of Israel  Term: #03 Ruler of Israel  Dynasty: House of David  Period: BC

Country/Empire/Region: Israel (Before Division)

From Year: BC 1004 to Year: BC 0965


King Solomon of Israel (United Kingdom of Israel)

  1. Crowned King: 1044 BC, as the Second King of Israel (477 Years after freedom from Egypt)
  2. Term of Reign: 40Years (7 years from Hebron and 33 years from Jerusalem)
  3. End of Reign: 1005 BC
  4. Death: 1005 BC
  5. Predecessor: King David (Father of King Solomon)
  6. Successors:
    • King Rehoboam (Son of King Solomon) of Judah
    • King Jeroboam (Officer of Solomon) of Israel (After breakup)

Major Event:

The 4th year of King Solomon was the 480th year after freedom from Egypt. It is during this 480th year (1001 BC) that King Solomon laid the foundation for the Temple of God (First Temple).


Bible Reference

1 Kings 11:42

42 Solomon ruled in Jerusalem over all Israel for forty years.

Construction of Lord's Temple Started - 1 Kings 6:1,37

It was in midspring, in the month of Ziv,[a] during the fourth year of Solomon’s reign, that he began to construct the Temple of the Lord. This was 480 years after the people of Israel were rescued from their slavery in the land of Egypt.

37 The foundation of the Lord’s Temple was laid in midspring, in the month of Ziv,[o] during the fourth year of Solomon’s reign.

Image Reference

the Providence Lithograph Company, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons