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ID Era Year Period Origin Country Origin Ruler Origin_Pic Affected Country Affected Ruler Affected Pic Event
1 AD 538 Achaemenid (Persian) Empire Persia Cyrus The Great Cyrus_The_Great.jpg Judah Governor Zerubbabel Zerubbabel.jpg 70 year Prophecy in Jeremiah 25 fulfilled
2 BC 561 Neo Babylonian Period Judah King Zedekiah King_Zedekiah_of_Judah.png Judah Death of King Zedekiah in exile
3 BC 562 Neo Babylonian Period Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar II King_Nebuchadnezzar_II.jpg Babylon Death of King Nebuchadnezzar II
4 BC 586 BC Neo Babylonian Period Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar II 66fd9ef66d14cf525ec6250e8b719571_King_Nebuchadnezzar_II.jpg Judah King Zedekiah 81c5c1dded18f0e13d0bb6000f8a54e1_King_Zedekiah_of_Judah.png Jerusalem destroyed - 4th Attack & Siege ends
5 BC 588 Neo Babylonian Period Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar II edf88914a577f3d94de919886b783d20_King_Nebuchadnezzar_II.jpg Judah King Zedekiah 9f843224bbf70578b931de055481fbfe_King_Zedekiah_of_Judah.png Prophecy Fulfilled -4th attack/siege on Jerusalem starts
6 BC 597 Neo Babylonian Period Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar II e90158eb4769dcdbe9e37f582d828a48_King_Nebuchadnezzar_II.jpg Judah King Zedekiah 06adb63aba4eda93d4bb9ead379ffa9e_King_Zedekiah_of_Judah.png Zedekiah enthroned -3rd attack/siege of Jerusalem
7 BC 597 Neo Babylonian Period Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar II d1848a2b2cbdfc021b0ee6e40b123be5_King_Nebuchadnezzar_II.jpg Judah King Jehioachin King_Jehoiachin-Jeconiah_of_Judah_-19th_King.png Jehoiachin dethroned -3rd attack/Siege of Jerusalem
8 BC 598 Neo Babylonian Period Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar II 39f6a1ea4d8f915a782705c083c6e911_King_Nebuchadnezzar_II.jpg Judah King Jehioakim King_Jehoiakim_18th_King_of_Judah.png 2nd Attack/Siege of Jerusalem
9 BC 605 Neo Babylonian Period Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar II 06daae1674bcdc556a78b8854a4f5ed3_King_Nebuchadnezzar_II.jpg Babylon Kings Nebuchadnezzar II is crowned King of Babylon
10 BC 605 Neo Babylonian Period Babylon King Nabopolassar King_Nebopolassar_Cylinder.jpg Babylon Death of King Nabopolassar
11 BC 605 Neo Babylonian Period Judah Prophet Jeremiah Jeremiah.jpg Judah King Jehoiakim db60582b5f4a44d583f8abe0a910c4b2_King_Jehoiakim_18th_King_of_Judah.png Prophecy issued for 70 years of Judah's Captivity
12 BC 606 Neo Babylonian Period Babylon Price Nebuchadnezzar II (While King Nabopolassar was King of Babylon) aedd7d8bd3ade0a8ac33b4ebfc822659_King_Nebuchadnezzar_II.jpg Judah King Jehoiakim a154c4604ed5818b4ba4ca737f1ef273_King_Jehoiakim_18th_King_of_Judah.png First attack/siege of Jerusalem by Babylon
13 BC 618 Neo Babylonian Period Judah Zedekiah King_Zedekiah.png Judah Birth of Zedekiah, future King of Judah
14 BC 642 Neo Assyrian Period Babylon Nebuchadnezzar II Nebuchadnezzar_II.jpg Babylon Birth of Nebuchadnezzar II, future King of Babylon
15 BC 733 Neo Assyrian Period Assyria Tiglath Pileser III Tilglath_pileser_iii.jpg Judah King Ahaz King_Ahaz.png Judah becomes vasal state
16 BC 736 Neo Assyrian Period Judah King Ahaz 26e48591ecaf51b2587345214634eadf_King_Ahaz.png Judah Ahaz is crowned as King of Judah
17 BC 745 Neo Assyrian Empire Assyria Sennacherib Sennacherib.jpg Assyria Birth of King Sennacherib
18 BC 747 Neo Assyrian Period Judah Hezekiah King_Hezekiah.png Judah Birth of King Hezekiah
19 BC 762 Neo Assyrian Period Assyria Sargon II Sargon_II.jpg Assyria Birth of King Sargon II